kuandoBox – Unified Presence

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kuandoBOX – Unified Presence Features:

The kuandoBOX connect to the phone and computer to update users’s “presence status” in Skype4B/Lync when talking on the desk phone, thus unifying their presence

  • Unified Presence – Easy to do:
    • Step 1: download the software
    • Step 2: connect kuandoBOX to the phone/Headset or Handset and the PC
    • Step 3: Desk Phone Status is unified with Skype4B/Lync
  • The Presence concept is a powerful, fast growing collaboration tool being adopted by thousands of companies moving to unified communications – and when used correctly it yields big benefits
    • If presence is 100% reliable. People will use it
    • If not – they won’t.
  • Companies need their employees to work smarter and improve efficiency in order to grow and compete.
    • Users will have no confidence in Presence without integration between PBX phones and Skype for Business.
    • Users ignore presence when it is unreliable and inaccurate.
    • KuandoBOX is helping you to grow your business through smarter collaboration