Microsoft Lync Add-On Application Products

Add-On Applications For Microsoft Lync

Bressner Technology is the leading provider of add-on and appliances for Microsoft Lync. Our leading products include FONCOMFORT (pronounced Phone Comfort), UCBox Lync Express, UCFeatureBox, UCPresenter, UCDoor and Busylight.

FonComfort Lite- Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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This Clint-side only application delivers powerful call handling features:

  • Easily transfer calls with a single button click
  • Hot-key to quickly answer and hangup calls
  • Fast Dialout – Select and dial any number via a Hot-key
  • Busy-on-Busy – Second call handling
  • Busylight support built-in
  • Quickly installs in minutes
  • Client-side installation only – no server software required

FonComfort Server - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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Add phone functions to Lync without a FonComfort Client App:

  • Blind Call Pickup – Answer Longest Ringing Call
  • Second call handling – BusyOnBusy Suppression
  • FonComfort Call Forwarding
  • Simulring – Multiple Call Forking
  • PresenceSync across PBX/DECT – Requires UCFeatureBox
  • Administrator Settings Client included
  • Custom fit to your needs with 1, 2 or all features

FonComfort Professional - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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Basic Features Plus:

  • Call Pickup
  • Second call handling – BusyOnBusy
  • Ringing state – Presence status
  • Team Functions
  • Redirect redirected calls
  • Redirection exceptions

FonComfort - QuickLink


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  • QuickLink Dashboard
  • View at a glance the status of Managers/Colleagues
  • 1-click call pickup and transfer
  • Administer profile settings for Managers/colleagues

FonComfort - PresenceSync


  • See Presence of PBX phones in Microsoft Lync
  • Add-on to FonComfort Server
  • Displays the phone status in Lync, “Busy”, Ringing”, “Available”
  • PresenceSync is a pure Server side installation
  • Connects to most widespread PBXes with CTI Link

FonComfort - Dynamic Routing

FonComfortDynamic Routing

  • Flexible Call Flow call routing
  • Schdule, Area Code, ANI and Presence based routing
  • Administered through Powershell or Configuration tool
  • Supports LDAP or SQL Databses

FonComfort - Announcement Module

FonComfortAnnouncement Module

  • Flexible and Highly Configurable Announcement Messages
  • Integrates with Lync/Outlook Calendar for Office and Holiday hours
  • Delivers message in localized languages for Lync contacts
  • Combines with other Call Flow logic, e.g. Dynamic Routing

UCBox Lync Express

UCBox Express Installer

Complete Microsoft Lync Server in a single box!

  • Complete Skype For Business/Lync Standard Edition with Enterprise Voice
  • Extremely easy and quick installation with Auto-Installer
  • Integrates fully into your IT environment
  • Users found in AD are automatically Voice Enabled
  • Compatible with Office 365
  • Specially designed for small to mid-sized companies or branch offices

UCPresenter for Lync

UCPresenter for Lync

Easy Lync Room Presentation System!

  • Presentations and conferences using Lync without connection problems
  • Begin with presentations instantly
  • Present at multiple locations simultaneously
  • Change quickly between presentors
  • Ready in under 10 seconds!
  • Connects to any Screen or projectors (HDMI / VGA)

UCDoor - Lobby/Door Access Solution


  • Powerful Lobby/Door access system integrated with Lync
  • Visitors can easily communicate with internal employees via 1-way Video
  • Remotely release the door so guest can enter the office

BusyLight - Microsoft Lync Busy Light


  • Avoid missing calls
  • Displays the current Presence status of Lync
  • Avoid interruptions