FonComfort – PresenceSync

Comfort and Ease!

FONCOMFORT delivers advanced call control functionality needed for your Microsoft Lync environment allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently. The Server Version provides complete flexibility by allowing you to select 1, 2 or all features like, Blind Call Pick up, Busy on Busy Suppression, FonComfort Call Forwarding, Simulring or PresenceSync.

FonComfort Professional - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application
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FonComfortPresenceSync CTI

  • See Presence status of PBX phone in Microsoft Lync
    • Display the phone state in Lync, “Available”, “Ringing”, “Busy”
    • If available, “registered” and “offline” are displayed
    • Increases company efficiencies by avoiding unnecessary call attempts
  • Pure Server installation (Add-on module to FonComfort Server
    • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Connects to most widespread PBXes with CTI Link
    • Supports over 30 different IP or TDM PBXes
    • Multisite operation with multiple PBXes
    • Protects your PBX investment
  • Benefits to users
    • Displays presence in the Lync Client or Lync Phone
    • Notification toast when contact becomes available
    • Directly call PBX phones from Lync contact list
    • Avoids call attempts when the phone is busy
    • Display of “Ringing” status of phone
  • All features are supported under Lync 2010 and 2013

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