FonComfort Microsoft Lync Application Add-On

Comfort and Ease!

FONCOMFORT delivers key telephony call control functionality like BusyOnBusy, Call Pickup, Manager/Administrator and Team Functions that are needed for your Microsoft Lync environment allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Start with FonComfort Server then add the features you require with Professional, QuickLink or PresenceSync

Understanding FonComfort Versions
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FonComfort Lite - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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Add phone functions to Lync without a FonComfort Client App:

  • Easily transfer calls with a single button click
  • Hot-key to quickly answer and hangup calls
  • Fast Dialout – Select and dial any number via a Hot-key
  • Busy-on-Busy – Second call handling
  • Busylight support built-in
  • Quickly installs in minutes
  • Client-side installation only – no server software required

FonComfort Server - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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Add phone functions to Lync without a FonComfort Client App:

  • Blind Call Pickup – Answer Longest Ringing Call
  • Second call handling – BusyOnBusy Suppression
  • FonComfort Call Forwarding
  • Simulring – Multiple Call Forking
  • PresenceSync across PBX/DECT – Requires UCFeatureBox
  • Administrator Settings Client included
  • Custom fit to your needs with 1, 2 or all features

FonComfort Professional - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application


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Basic Features Plus:

  • Call Pickup
  • Second call handling – BusyOnBusy
  • Ringing state – Presence status
  • Team Functions
  • Redirect redirected calls
  • Redirection exceptions

FonComfort - QuickLink


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  • QuickLink Dashboard
  • View at a glance the status of Managers/Colleagues
  • 1-click call pickup and transfer
  • Administer profile settings for Managers/colleagues

FonComfort - PresenceSync


  • See Presence of PBX phones in Microsoft Lync
  • Add-on to FonComfort Server
  • Displays the phone status in Lync, “Busy”, Ringing”, “Available”
  • PresenceSync is a pure Server side installation
  • Connects to most widespread PBXes with CTI Link

FonComfort - Dynamic Routing

FonComfortDynamic Routing

  • Flexible Call Flow call routing
  • Schdule, Area Code, ANI and Presence based routing
  • Administered through Powershell or Configuration tool
  • Supports LDAP or SQL Databses

FonComfort - Announcement Module

FonComfortAnnouncement Module

  • Flexible and Highly Configurable Announcement Messages
  • Integrates with Lync/Outlook Calendar for Office and Holiday hours
  • Delivers message in localized languages for Lync contacts
  • Combines with other Call Flow logic, e.g. Dynamic Routing