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FONCOMFORT QuickLink greatly improves call handling efficiency with 1 click actions to call, pickup and transfer calls. The Live Tiles allow users/ managers and admins to quickly see the presence status of their colleagues, if calls are forwarded and if given the rights, to see who they are speaking with. This rich information allows for intelligent decision making and if a manager/person should be interrupted or not when transferring calls.

FonComfort - Feature Packs
Qualified Microsoft Lync Application

FonComfort QuickLink Console

  • QuickLink Console
    • 1-Click call Pickup and Transfer
    • Live Tiles provide dynamic, rich information for Managers and Admins
    • Quickly see Colleagues Presence and Forwarding status
    • If authorized, users can see who the other person is speaking with.
    • Allows Admins to change the profile for their manager (presence, forwarding, 2nd call handling)
  • Customer specific implementations

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