FonComfort – Announcement Module

Comfort and Ease!

FONCOMFORT Announcement module delivers an Announcement from any text using Lync Text-to-Speech in all the available Lync Languages and directed appropriately to the Lync contacts.

FonComfort Professional - Phone Comfort Microsoft Lync Application
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FonComfortAnnouncement Module

  • New 3 step application endpoint
    • Checks office and/or Holiday hours using Lync/Outlook Calendar
    • Plays appropriate announcement using text-to-speech
    • Routes call to predefined destinations
  • Delivers language preference to defined Lync Contacts
  • Alternatively you can play Audio files
  • Can be combined with any other call flow logic, e.g. Dynamic Routing
  • Can be administered via Powershell:
    • En/Disable FCAnnouncement
    • Get/Set-FCAnnouncement
    • Update-FCAnnouncementSchedules etc.

    Example Configuration

Client Options: