Call Pickup Options For Lync

What Call pickup options are available for Lync?

There are several options available to answer calls for other Lync users. Some are built-in to Lync while others are available through 3rd party developers. Where one call pickup option works for some users it is not functional for others. For example, some people are okay with Blind pickup (i.e. picking up a ringing call as a member of a pickup group) while many people want to pick up a call ringing for a specific person – like for a team member or boss.

Here are some of the options:

Blind Call Pickup – This call pickup method allows you to pick up a ringing call for a response group member. So when a call is coming in to anyone within the pickup group you will be able to answer the call by dialing the pickup code or pickup contact. With 3rd party tools for Blind Call Pickup this can be achieved by using hot-keys or configurable dial strings (*31) for hard phone users.

Call Pickup for a Specific User – This functionality is not in Lync today. However, 3rd party add-on developers can provide this capability. FonComfort has tools allowing administrators to pick up for calls for their boss, or for team members to answer each other’s calls. Users will see a ‘ringing’ presence state within the Lync window when a call is ringing and can then answer the call with a single right click on the ringing contact.

1-Click Call pick up – For administrators dealing with numerous calls and needing to quickly transfer those calls to others may find an add-on called, QuickLink to be an option. The dashboard shows a list of people which is selectable by the user so it visually easier to see who is receiving a call (also shows who is calling) and then with a single click can answer it. Once on the call, with 1-click it can be transferred to someone else. This greatly improves call handling efficiency and productivity.

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