Busy On Busy Options For Microsoft Lync

Busy On Busy Options For Microsoft Lync

First, “What is Busy on Busy for Lync?”. This is an Add-on feature for Lync to suppress incoming call alerts when you are already on a call. Both the audible alert and the toast (pop-up window) gets suppressed so you are not disturbed. Not all Busy on Busy options for Lync are the same, we will discuss some key areas in this article.

Some 3rd party add-ons only suppress the incoming call when you are already connected on a call. But, what happens if you are in the middle of dialing a call and the person has not yet answered? In this case, the second inbound call would interrupt you. Our solution, FonComFort, is currently the only Busy of Busy solution that will also suppress inbound calls when you are dialing, but have not yet established the call. Other 3rd party options will allow the call through causing an interruption.

In addition, what happens if you want to send a true busy on busy, a ‘network busy’, that prevents the caller from getting a connect charge? This is a powerful feature that is needed in some European countries. If this feature is required you need to look at FonComfort suite which offers this functionality. When selected, a true busy signal is sent back to the caller and he will not incur a charge.


Standard Lync behavior: multiple calls


Call is treated like unanswered calls


True disconnect with busy tone

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